Grace Li Newsletter – September 2018

Grace LiDear brothers and sisters,

Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

When most of Chinese are celebrating this important family-reunion day with traditional Chinese food, I, however have no space to think about the celebration at all, no great food, no family around, just busy enough to cope with the new academic year. From last Wednesday till Sunday, everyday I went out early and came home late for various activities run by chaplaincy, church and our fellowship; at the same time, I have to communicate with a few new students who have been introduced by friends. Despite of tiredness everyday, I am filled up with thankfulness while occupied with so many things as I think of the chance we could approach those who God is looking for, and those who are looking for God’s family. Therefore, the festival is not important to me as the earthly celebration is just a reminder for us to remember the best home in heaven God has prepared for us, and to expect the true final union when Jesus returns so we gather together. therefore every time I think of family and you all, I would give thanks to God for your sincere caring and prayer for me because of the goodness of the gospel and the rejoice seeing people return back to Jesus.

God has blessed me and comforted today especially while I was on my role on behalf of chaplaincy to introduce chaplaincy to students. One Chinese girl passed by our stall and was stopping, then we chatted what chaplaincy is, she was excited to tell me she is a new Christian and looking for a fellowship, she just arrived 3 days ago. What a wonderful encounter! And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

As a Christian, the great joy is Jesus, but as a gospel worker, the one of the great joy is from the brothers and sisters he/she serves. when I see my serving brings any support or help to a little brother/sister, the joy is overflowing. May you all rejoice with me together today as you all are supporting me fighting the spiritual war.

Now I am asking for your prayer for this Friday’s welcome event, may God bless our advertisement, and more students would be drawn to come for this activity and know our fellowship, may God bless this event with his presence and wisdom, love, so the Chinese would know the gospel. also please pray for two students :ziyi and chongyang, their mothers would like them to go to church but they have no interests to Christianity, may God move their hearts to join our activity.

Pray for our fellowship, may them root down into Bible truth and grow up in faith, love, and have enthusiasm to bring friends to church; pray for me to have wisdom to lead them too.

Pray for my health as I have bad dizziness recently, I will have blood test next week for further diagnose, may God give wisdom to diagnose rightly.

In summer vocation I visited some returnees and some of them go to church yet the spiritual life seem stop growing, some due to personal reason, some due to lacking of sound pastoring, pray for these returnees, may the lord uphold them with the first love they have for Christ, strengthen their heart during this hard time(persecution to Christians in China). Some returnees have married, pray they could balance their spiritual life and family life, grow in love. A sister named WT really disturbed me I, since she is under marriage pressure, so went to relationship quickly but experienced unpleasant relationship got hurt, now she is tempted to get married soon after knowing a man quickly, pray for her to have wisdom for this important issue in her life, and may God guard her. Also she stops going to church due to the past bad memory for Christians, in addition, because of her job requirement, she dares not to let people know her faith, so do pray for her to have the heart to seek God and read the Bible. I am really heartaching for her.

The two master students Peishi and Lydia have returned back to China and now are facing the jobhunting, please pray for them to have faith for the new life, especially Lydia, she is actively pursuing God but has encountered some difficulties in job-hunting and family life, may God increase her faith and learn to trust the lord, and she will be used by God graciously in future. Peishi has been baptised and found church already back home, and may God strengthen her faith.

Then for me, I have been thinking of counselling course and found a online course, but not sure if it’s God’s guidance, if this is the God’s will, may God open the door for me, prepare the money I need.

Finally about how to participate into my serving: you can pray for me and contribute towards my mission funds, like the church Philippians, they haven’t sent out Paul for mission but they support him in caring for him and provide financial support to Paul, so they are involved in Paul’s mission. Pray for my financial support, may more people would support me financially, especially those
who have returned back to China.

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth – Philippians 2:10

Your sister in Christ

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