Summer Camp 2024 – Restoration Station

Drawing of people heading to a Church building.The BCCC Childrens Summer Camp 2024 ‘Restoration Station’ will be held from Monday 29 July to Wednesday 31 July (10am to 2:30pm). It will be held at Alma Church, 29 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2ES for primary school age children (Reception to Year 6). It will cost £20 per child for all 3 days (lunch and refreshments provided) and will be in English.

Please complete the BCCC LIFE 2024 Summer Camp Registration Form to book your place.

During the Summer Camp we will also be hosting the following workshops for the parents of children attending the Summer Camp:

  • Monday 29 July – (10:30am to 1pm) Are you ready to talk about sex with your children?
  • Tuesday 30 July – (10:30am to 1pm) Chatty Cafe – come for a coffee and have a chat
  • Wednesday 31 July – (10:30am to 1pm) Hair-cutting

These workshops will also be held at Alma Church, 29 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2ES and will be in Cantonese. There is no fixed charge for the workshops but a voluntary offering will be held.

Please complete the BCCC 2024 Summer Camp Workshops for Parents Registration Form to book the workshops.

For more information about the Summer Camp or Workshops please e-mail


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