Sign-up for our Sunday Service

01 May 2022:

  • Sign-up to attend our Sunday Service at Tyndale Baptist Church
  • Sign-up to attend Sunday School (for children aged 4 – 11 years old)

The re-opening of our physical service aims to make it possible for a limited number of people to gather for worship at Tyndale Baptist Church.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, we have applied crowd control measures as advised by Tyndale Baptist Church in limiting the maximum number of people to attend physical service. Please adhere to all the safety measures laid out by Tyndale Baptist Church and kindly obey any instructions from our stewards.

The arrangements for the restricted physical service are as below:

  1. As we had to coordinate with our speakers, limited physical service will be of different languages every week, please refer to Church bulletin or website.
  2. Physical service is not recommended for those who are at high risk from COVID-19 , which include the elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, or those feeling unwell, please stay at home to attend the online service. Parents may consider bringing their young children (including infants and toddlers) along to our physical service as appropriate.
  3. Youth group Rooted will not be meeting simultaneously as the limited physical service. Sunday School Life has resumed physical meeting on 10th October and will be meeting in the basement. Should the parent be unsuccessful in signing up for that Sunday’s physical service, their children are still welcome to attend Sunday School.
  4. Should your child wish to attend Sunday School, please fill in the Sunday School sign up form separately or contact Anna Choi to sign up separately, this sign-up form is only for Sunday Service.
  5. To comply with the NHS track and trace system, please register with your full name; if you are attending as a family, please fill in a form for each individual member.
  6. Sign-up will open on Sunday at 9pm of the week before each service and closing at 9pm on Wednesday. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed.
  7. Generally sign-up will be on a first-come-first-served basis. However if we are unable to arrange for you to attend this week’s physical service due to already reaching full capacity, you will have to try again next week.
  8. We will confirm if you are on the attending list week via email on Thursday.
  9. In case you cannot attend after your seat is reserved, please contact Benson to cancel your reservation by 5pm on Friday. If there is a no-show without prior notice, your next registration may be rejected.
  10. Everyone is required to adhere to the safety measures and follow the instructions from the stewards.

Notices for Congregants participating in a physical service:

  • Please arrive at the church before 1:45pm to allow enough time for checking in and measurement of temperature.
  • Follow the guidance of the stewards (including checking in, seating arrangements etc).
  • Wear face coverings when moving around, you may take off face coverings when sat down or standing still.
  • As you enter the church, use the provided hand sanitisers or sanitise your hand via other methods.
  • Avoid face to face encounters and or physical contact when walking towards other people.
  • Please abide by the 1.5-metre social distancing rule and please be responsible for the sanitisation of the church premises and surfaces at the end of the service. After the service, we ask that you promptly exit the church building and avoid loitering for prolonged period of time.
  • Should you test positive for COVID-19 within a few days after attending Sunday Service, you must notify our church leaders via email to or contact Benson.