60 Days of Chewing… on His Word!

Our 2020 church theme is ‘Rooted in Christ, Established in Faith’. To live out this theme, we are starting a church wide online devotion from 1 June, titled ’60 Days of Chewing… on His Word!’.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, our Heavenly Father is still with us. In fact, we are experiencing His presence and peace more than ever.

The online devotion is titled ‘Today’ – (http://today.reframemedia.com). One chapter a day for 60 days. May it become a daily habit for us to meet with God.

Tips for your devotion time:

  1. Have sufficient time – we recommend at least 15 minutes
  2. Find a quiet place which is free from distractions
  3. Set a specific time for your devotion and follow this daily

Want further tips? Please watch the full video from Pastor Wai, sharing more on devotion:

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